About Us

Mechanical Engineering and Fabrication:

JDS Test has several machine houses lined up for small, medium and large fixtures.  Below is a partial list of venders.  Mechanical venders are chosen for their engineering staff, innovative ideas and quality workmanship.


CZ Industries -- Pontiac,


Industrial Grinding -- Auburn Hills, MI

Other connections:


Because of our many years of networking and ability to maintain relationships from past projects we have met multiple people who provide different types of solutions.  We
know and have built relationships with professionals in the controls and test related fields in the areas of instrumentation, motion control, software creation, testing and fabrication.  


Let us put that wealth of experience to work for you!  


Give us a problem and we will solve it in a cost effective way.

Office Manager:

Stacy Dodson – Holds a Bachelors of Science degree in Psychology from Southwest Missouri State University in Springfield, MO. After graduating Stacy worked at St John’s hospital as the sole secretary for the School of Anesthesia. Stacy was in charge of maintenance of student records, and many clerical duties for seventeen Anesthesiologists. Stacy then worked for Mattax, Neu Prater Eye Center where she came a Certified Ophthalmic Assistant for four Ophthalmologists. 


Assembly / Fabrication:

Thomas Parker – Holds an Associates degree in Electronics from DeVry University of Columbus, Ohio. Tom grew up in a farming community where self reliance and ingenuity were a way of life. Tom worked at Quality First for over 20 years starting as an assembler, advancing to Build Shop Manager.  In his career at Quality First Tom was involved with the building of over 800 different projects.  Tom can build anything!


JDS Test Consulting LLC is a group of experienced and highly skilled professionals who have worked for well known companies in the Detroit area during the last three decades.  All of us are motivated individuals who provide technical expertise for custom solutions with testing, manufacturing and data manipulation. 


Because of our diverse experiences each member can provide a different skill set depending on the type of project required.  As a group we compliment each other and provide high quality solutions at affordable costs.  Below is a list of the primary people and a brief explanation of their back ground.


Managing Member:

Jeff D Smith – Holds a Bachelors degree in Electrical Engineering from Lawrence  Technological University of Southfield Michigan.  After graduating in 1991, Jeff worked at Lectron Products of Rochester Hills, Michigan as a Test Equipment Engineer.  In 10.5 years Jeff delivered 50 projects, many of them going to sister manufacturing plants in other states.  Jeff’s strengths are integrating software, hardware and people to produce efficient equipment tailored to the end user.  

When Jeff is not working on testers he spends some of his time teaching Tai Chi and making pottery. This unique blend of technical and artistic facets in Jeff’s personality gives JDS Test Consulting a very user friendly approach to equipment manufacturing and sales.