Maintenance Screen


  • Screen is different for each piece of equipment.      

  • Calibration factors are displayed and changed here.      

  • Communication to instrumentation can be verified through serial or other communication protocols.      

  • Digital I/O is verified or manipulated.    

  • Shortcut buttons are added for multi-step fixture movement or test setups.     

  • Checks are put in place for crash conditions or unsafe operation of hardware.      

  • Screen has password protection.        

  • Set analog outputs either open or closed loop. 

Data Screen


  • Stores the history of the equipment      

  • Files can be viewed or transferred.      

  • Data files are saved as comma separated values (.csv) which Microsoft Excel

        recognizes and will open.     

  • Test data is saved in daily data files or can be saved into a database.   

  • Graph data files can be re-shown using the graph tool.      

  • The functionality of this screen is tailored to the tester application and user


Pattern Recognition


  • Graph is tailored for a Chuck and Deflection Seat tester.      

  • Each of the eight points is defined by the test specs and all found numbers and calculations are shown for reference.

Operator Instruction Screen


  • This screen is tailored to a manual setup procedure.       

  • Analog data is fed back to the operator for the transducer that will be adjusted.  The label changes color when the transducer is within range.

Data Recorder Screen


  • This screen gives the functionality of a digital oscilloscope.      

  • Data recording can be triggered with a threshold value of one of the inputs.       

  • A name and description can be given for the raw data file saved in the Comma Separated Values (.csv) format.   

  • There are graph tools to zoom, pan, add data labels or captions and to print the graph image as a .pdf file or on paper.


Durability Cycling Screen


  • The Grid displays the hardware affected at each step and the measured data


  • A Status log is used to report transitions, completed milestones and any hardware errors. 

  • Time Remaining area shows anticipated end at current rate of testing.   

  • Cycling can be programmed to maintain a desired Cycles per Minute (CPM).     

  • Testing can be paused to check hardware or device under test.   

  • Separate Sequence names can be saved for each hardware interface.




Software for test equipment serves many users, each with different needs, interfaces and output data. Our software is an operating system that integrates hardware, instrumentation, test specifications and output data in a user friendly “shell” that can easily be dropped into almost any equipment. This streamlines the software development stage of a project to the hardware interface and algorithm for testing, helping to reduce cost and timing.


Below are
some example screens of the shell program:

4.0 will be here soon!  JDS Test is rewriting its shell to run on the latest version of Windows.


  • New graphing features will be added·        

  • Enhancement to shell navigation      

  • Improved DAQ configuration   

  • Log files now utilize a database for easier searching     

  • Feedback from our customers incorporated