We probably already have the test logic written. Custom test requests can be created and debugged in hours not days. The controller can be interfaced with hydraulic or pneumatic actuators.

Seat Testing

  • Speed of operation

  • Stability

  • Slide efforts

  • Manual height adjuster test using customer supplied torque tool

Can be connected to most fixtures and running a test in one day!

  • 16 channels of analog input, 16 bit, +/- 10Vdc

  • 4 channels analog output, +/- 10Vdc

  • 16 channels digital inputs, sinking 24v logic

  • 16 channels digital outputs, sourcing 24v logic, 0.75 mAmps/ch

  • Servo motor motion control, +/-10 volt command or sine commutation up to 800 watts

  • Function generator, sine, trapezoid, square, sweep

  • 24x24x10 inches, 110V 15Amp supply


  • 300 pound load cell

  • 500mm string pot

  • 50mm linear potentiometer

  • Chuck and deflection track or seat back (load vs deflection)

  • Slide efforts for manual seats (load vs distance)

  • Towel bar actuation

Demo Box