Cabinet on wheels

Sturdy cabinet made of extruded aluminum can hold a fixture on top. Contains 19" rack mount area. All transducers and electrical connections are made on the front panel.

Stationary Cabinet

Electrical box can be large enough to accompany all field wiring or main box can be small with cabling to separate junction boxes.

Use the links below to download and view PDF files for more information about the Universal Cycler.

Universal Cycler


  • Controller is a software and hardware operating system

  • Cabinet can be stationary or with wheels

  • Software provides an editor for saving and recalling configuration files for calibration data and for IO points used on connected fixtures

  • Algorithms currently being used; Seat Testing, Anchorage, Strip Recorder and Durability Cycling

  • Durability Cycling function allows users to easily modify test sequences to cover many types of fixture motion and function

  • If needed, extra machines can be rented for peak testing times saving capital invest and floor space