We will work with you and your staff to ensure a timely and smooth delivery. We always provide training for day to day operations, proper preventative maintenance and calibration. Each project comes with an Operations Manual that gives detailed sections for all aspects of the machine; including a bill  of materials, procedures to start a test and explanations for all software screens.

We also make a follow up visit after each project has been up and running for 30 days. This allows us to make any necessary changes, tailor the software or answer any additional questions.

Below is a partial list of projects that we have delivered.  Click on the picture to get further information and details concerning each project.

 Stability Testers

Past Projects


Speed of Ops 

Seat Tester

Camshaft Marking System



Horizontal Shaker Table

Vertical Shaker Table

Universal Cycler

FMVSS207 Seat Tester Upgrade

Portable DAQ Unit